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What makes us different is our flexible approach to implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365. We don’t shoehorn you into buying consultancy where you pay a day rate, get a consultant and then pay for a support agreement. We let you choose how you want to work with us. Find out how this can save you money and time here.


We know Microsoft Dynamics CRM and we know the Housing Sector. Indeed, our developers and consultants were the first to develop a number of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions used by many housing associations across the UK today


Designed to transform a standard implementation of Microsoft Dynamics into a fully functional Housing Management System, from tenancy management including rent payments, arrears monitoring, through to property management, integrated portals and mobile solutions.  For more information check out our solutions page.

Making an Impact in Housing

What has been the impact of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Housing Sector? What do housing associations use it for? And more importantly what are the trends for the future?

Our Customers

Our customers use Microsoft Dynamics in a host of different ways, to find out more check out our customer case studies