We have been working with a number of housing associations to develop a suite of solutions designed to take an out of the box Microsoft Dynamics installation and transform it into a system for managing housing processes. We have two types of solutions Housing specific solutions and add-on solutions which can be installed to provide additional functionality to any Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

Housing Specific Solutions

Core Entities and Structure

Our core entities and structure provide the building blocks to allow the housing specific solutions to run, they can also be used for any housing organisation who wishes to use Microsoft Dynamics to manage resident contact

Tenancy Creation and Management

Manage all aspects of tenancies including the creation, termination, void processing and cost calculations.  Back-charges and mid week/month start dates fully supported within this module

Rent Engine

Create all the required debit transactions on the active accounts.  Automatically roll over new charges at rent uplift time. Roll up individual charges into summary transactions but with a full breakdown for reporting/analytical purposes. Keep track of what has been processed so if any crashes/disconnects occur the rent engine will pick up from where it left off when next run

Service Charge Module

Flexible Custom Grid which allows the allocation of total charges across groups of properties as required. These charges are then picked up and processed by the rent engine to create debit transactions. Depending on the configuration the service charge can then be rolled up with the rent or left as separate items on the transactions/rent statement

Payments Module

The Payments Modules allows direct import and allocation of benefits (local authority notifications), bank payments, allpay transactions etc. into Microsoft Dynamics.  Templates are configured to allow the import of multiple file types such as csv, txt and xml. Manual payments and adjustments are also catered for

Direct Debit Module

Automatic processing of direct debits include the creation of Bacstel and Auddis files and the the import of Addac and Arudd files.  Alerts can be configured to trigger failures together with an automatic reversal of transactions.  Additional functionality allows for multiple direct debits per person/rent account to be configured, making it easier to track UC payments

Arrears Module

A fully comprehensive arrears process which starts with the automatic calculation of net balance.  The module can be configured for technical arrears, tolerances, payment plans and combinations of arrangements.  The current state of the rent account allows for powerful analytics and reporting, giving trend analysis for individual and/or groups of tenancies as well as for the organisation as a whole

Rent Increase Module

Allows for percentile increases or more complex formulas based on property and tenancy type and other categorisations which are all fully customisable

Export Module

Close down financial weeks and export categorised totals for import into financial systems

Balance Calculator

Provides a running balance of debits/credits on the rent and sub-accounts.  Automatically re-calculates based on transaction dates if old transactions entered

Transaction Archiver

The transaction archiver will archive old transactions to an external SQL database set the Dynamics balance field to opening balance.
This solution is designed to free up space in Dynamics but with the information being visible via a SQL view to provide a view from Dynamics of all archived records


This solution automatically assigns a unique, sequential number to new records

Add-on Solutions

Integration Framework

Quickly import tenancies, accounts, charges, transactions and resident information as a one off upload or schedule for periodic updates

Quick Alerts

Fully configurable custom flags that can be set-up to appear on any form based on any data change.  Quickly see if a tenant is in arrears, is hard of hearing or is overdue a visit

Advanced Find Count

Quickly see the total number of records returned for any advanced find query run

Pre-configured cases

Quickly log a case from a person record by selecting the appropriate housing specific category and sub-category.  Case types include: Complaint, ASB, Rent Enquiry, Repair and many more besides.  As with all our modules case types are fully configurable

Outgoing SMS

Fully configurable text sending service that can be setup to send text messages manually or automatically based on workflow triggers